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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Intel collectibles location guide

Mission 2: Atlas 

Intel #4: After you enter the house and use the Mute Charge at the end of the long hallway, turn around to exit after the president is safe and go to to the right. Enter the room there and make another right to enter the washroom there where the lap top will be.

Intel #5: As soon as you are done your ride along with Irons and Gideon, hop out of the jeep and then turn to the right. Before heading inside with Gideon, go to the security booth there on the right side of the street, and enter to find the laptop.

Intel #6: As soon as you finish the grenade training with Gideon, you will enter the next area where you will go down some stairs. When you reach the bottom, go to the right and enter the room there to find the lap top on the right side of a table where two technicians are standing.

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