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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Intel collectibles location guide

Mission 1: Induction 

Intel #1: Right after you man the turret, you and you squad will enter a hotel. Follow the stairs up halfway and you will come to a restaurant on the right with large white lettering. Go to the far rear-right corner to find this laptop on the table.

Intel #2: Once you exit the subway car and meet up will some more soldiers on the other side of a gate, step out to the street and directly in front of you will be a restaurant called Sakura. Make your way to the third floor and at the far end will be this intel sitting on the ground.

Intel # 3: Just after the previous Intel, you will need to drop down and grab the charges from the demo team. Do so, and to the right will be a waterfall. Like any good waterfall in videogames, there will be a room behind it that has the final laptop of this mission.

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