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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Intel collectibles location guide

Mission 15: Terminus 

Intel # 43: When you exit the water, continue straight down the hall. You will come to an opening on the left, but go straight into the dead end room there to find the intel to the right.

Intel #44: When you reach the missile silo, go to the left and take the stairs down. Go to the left and you will be in a hallway labelled with a number 7. Walk forward until you come to a room labelled the Server Control Room, and you will find the laptop there on the left side, in the centre of the room.

Intel #45: Just past the previous intel, you will continue marching through the area with Gideon until you reach a door that he kicks open. When he does, go through and continue straight across the hallway into to the room there. Turn left and the laptop will be beside the door.

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