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Bungie reveals Halo: Reach's Armory

Bungie's weekly updatehas revealed theHalo: Reach Armory, which is where players can customize their (you guessed it) armor. Unlike Halo 3, which used 'Skill,' new equipmentin Halo: Reach willbe purchased through 'Credits.' The following image contains "every item that is visible to players in the Armory on Day 1."

Above: Stuff!

"As you Rank up in Reach %26ndash; via Credit earn, not via Skill a la Halo 3 %26ndash; there will be more customization options made available to you. Many of these aren%26rsquo;t even visible initially, but you%26rsquo;ll be able to see them as you progress," Luke Smith explains. "Last Spring%26rsquo;s Halo: Reach Beta had the prices of helmets increase as you acquired more variants. In many cases, in the shipping game, the reverse is true %26ndash; the initial Credit investment is in the base helmet, and adding augmentations to it is cheaper than the actual base variant was."

Bungie's postalso contains fan questions answered byCampaign Design Lead Chris Opdahl,a few more achievements, and some other nice tidbits, like these niftyavatar unlocks:

Above: Their tiny necks look like they're going to snap under the weight, but still, they're pretty stylish

Halo: Reach is out September 14th, and it sure is looking customizable... among other things. Check outour latest previewfor more!

Jul 19, 2010