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Bryan Singer Talks More About X-Men First Class

Returning X-Men director Bryan Singer (who helmed the first two X-movies) has been speaking to Variety about his plans for X-Men First Class.

"This is the formative years of Xavier and Magneto, and the formation of the school and where there relationship took a wrong turn," says Singer. "There is a romantic element, and some of the mutants from X-Men will figure into the plot, though I don't want to say which ones. There will be a lot of new mutants and a great villain."

Variety also reveals that Singer is completely overhauling the script by Josh Schwartz but feels so in synch with the concept and the writer that the project should be able to come together quickly. (Rather worryingly, he also says he liked last summer's Wolverine, but that may just be a case of not biting the hand that feeds.)

Singer also currently has Jack the Giant Killer, another reimagining of Battlestar Galactica and a remake of Excalibur in development.