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Bound by Flame seduction guide

In general, each seduction path involves completing that comrade's quests, and siding with them at certain times. It is also important to note that same-sex relationships cannot be obtained in Bound by Flame. Males can only seduce Sybil and Edwen; females can only seduce Randval and Rhelmar.

Once the qualifications below are met, speak to your comrade of choice (or availability) just before heading into Blackfrost's Palace to face him at the end of Act 3, Chapter 2. You'll have the option to seduce them there (with one exception). For more information on the quests listed, see our Bound by Flame side quest guide.


  • Complete "On Safari with Sybil"
  • Complete "Orphan"
  • Complete "The Icy Library"
  • Complete "Timid Request"
  • Complete "A Damsel in Distress"
  • Kill the Creator Concubine with Sybil in your party


  • Complete "The Duel"
  • Complete "The Recruitment of Randval"
  • Complete "Randval the Loner"
  • Complete "A Knight in Distress"


  • Complete "Edwen's Request"
  • Complete "The Interrogation of a Deadwalker"
  • Side with Edwen at the end of Act 2
  • Complete "Edwen's Artifact" (this quest ends with the seduction itself)


  • Complete "A Cure for the Prince"
  • Complete "The Souls of the Elves"
  • Complete "Camp Security"
  • Side with Rhelmar at the End of Act 2
  • Complete "The Soul of a Prince"
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