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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Cheats

You take part Handsome Jack's rise to power. This game takes place after Borderlands and before Borderlands 2.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Achievements

    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Achievement List

    Side Quest Student (15 points):
    Completed 30 side missions.

    Moon Mission Meister (25 points):
    Completed all of the side missions.

    Grind 'n' Bear It (15 points):
    Use the grinder to create an item.

    The Bigger They Are (50 points):
    Defeated the Invincible Empyrean Sentinel.

    Mouth to Mouth (15 points):
    Revived 10 players with oxygen.

    Air Supremacy (25 points):
    Killed 100 enemies with Wolf.

    No, I'm Athena! (25 points):
    Killed 100 enemies with Aspis.

    That Helped, Right? (25 points):
    Experienced all Vault Hunter Modes using Vault Hunter.EXE.

    Executioner (25 points):
    Killed 10 enemies in a single activation of Showdown.

    That Tasted Purple! (20 points):
    Had Purple-rated gear or better equipped in every slot.

    Challenger (20 points):
    Completed level 1 of all challenges with a single character.

    Space Rookie (5 points):
    Reached level 5.

    Lunar Lieutenant (10 points):
    Reached level 10.

    Moon Master (15 points):
    Reached level 25.

    Space Lord (25 points):
    Reached level 50.

    Moxxi's Sampler (10 points):
    Tried all the Moxxtails in the Up Over bar in Concordia.

    Lunar Looter (20 points):
    Looted 10 Moonstone Chests.

    I Come From The Land Up Over (20 points):
    Discovered all names locations in Serenity's Waste, Triton Flats and Stanton's Liver.

    Beam Me Up (20 points):
    Discover all names locations aboard the Helios Space Station.

    Eeridian Explorer (20 points):
    Discovered all named locations in Outlands Canyon, Outlands Spur and Vorago Solitude.

    Cosmic Completionist (30 points):
    Discovered all named locations.

    High Fashion (15 points):
    Unlocked 10 Customization items.

    The Duelist (10 points):
    Won a duel.

    Collateral Damage (20 points):
    Had a Lost Legion Eternal kill 3 of his friends.

    360 No Scope (20 points):
    While airborne, spin 360 degrees then got a kill with a Sniper Rifle without using the scope.

    Expensive Taste (30 points):
    Used the Grinder to create a Legendary item.

    Ice To Meet You (20 points):
    Shattered three frozen enemies with a single slam attack.

    Elementalist (20 points):
    Had an enemy frozen, corroded, ignited, and electrocuted at the same time.

    Pancake Parlor (20 points):
    Pancaked an enemy in the Stingray.

    Who Needs Air? (20 points):
    Suffocated for five continuous minutes without dying.