Bloodborne: The Old Hunters boss guide

Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

Beyond the Research Hall, past the Lumenwood Garden, is the true boss of this area: Lady Maria. Like you, she's a Hunter. That means you're in for a serious fight.

Video strategy:

As the battle begins, Lady Maria will attack with her blade in one hand, side arm in the other. Her slashes and charges can be avoided with simple sidesteps. Dodge the two-hit combo, then close in for a hit of your own. If she switches to a two-handed approach, watch out for her gliding attack. This can also be dodged with a sidestep.

At about 60% health, Lady Maria will stab herself and erupt in an area-of-effect attack. From then on, there will be a blood effect on each swing. This increases the range of her standard attacks, so be generous with your dodges. If she rises into the air, be ready to leap away when she slams into the ground, sending out some bloody shock waves. Lastly, Lady Maria may sheathe her sword and charge up. Be prepared to quickly dodge the energy beam she fires your way.

At around 40% health, Lady Maria will stab herself again, this time adding fire to her blades, on top of the blood. This increases her range even further, and raises her attack power. Use the same strategy, but be extra wary of taking damage.

Lady Maria can be taken down with some smart dodges, so don't get too discouraged. And for the record, she's also very east to stun with your side arm.

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