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Bloodborne boss guide

Shadow of Yharnam 

The journey through the Forbidden Woods is long and gruelling, but before you can leave the forest behind for the Byrgenwerth, you'll have to get past its guardians: the Shadow of Yharnam.

Yes, just like the Witch of Hemwick, the Shadow of Yharnam is actually three bosses in one, and each fights very differently. One is a melee user who attacks with simple sword slices and charges, one is a mid-range fighter who wields a katana-whip and a candle that can spray fire, and the last is a spell caster who peppers the arena with fireballs. Your first step is to pick one to take out first - the melee Shadow is a good bet, since he'll often charge you.

Once you've done considerable damage to the trio (or nearly killed off one of them), snakes will burst from their hoods, and they will power up. This adds fire damage to the melee sword and mid-range kitana-whip. The spell caster will also gain a summoning spell: if you see magic clouds appear, run - a trio of giant snake heads will emerge from the ground and try to bite you. Keep focusing on one Shadow at a time, separating the group as much as possible (you can use the giant tombstones for cover if need be). Avoid getting surrounded, and you'll be able to take down this dark trio.

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