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Bloodborne boss guide

The Witch of Hemwick 

As you explore Hemwick Charnel Lane, you'll come across a large, seemingly empty house. Who's inside? The wicked Witch of Hemwick.

Bad news, this boss is actually three separate Witches of Hemwick. Good news, they're not very strong. The battle begins with the first Witch summoning a sickle-wielding enemy. This is her only power, so take out the lackey and then pound on the boss herself. She'll teleport away after a few hits, so continue to cut down the minions and pursue the real boss.

After defeating the first Witch, a second will spawn in. The only difference is that this Witch can cast a spell that briefly binds you in place. Keep an eye out for the blue orbs so you can sidestep them, and continue to take out the sickle minions while focusing on the Witch. The third will spawn in before the second dies, but again, all she'll do is summon enemies and teleport occasionally. Keep the camera moving so you know where everyone is in the room, and you'll be just fine.

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