"Octopus is fatal" and other bizarre Game Genie codes

"Keep coat in collisions"

Now I'm picturing a version of the game where Inspector Gadget is stripped down to his skivvies on impact, much like Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts' Arthur. I don't know if children could handle seeing the kind of go-go-gadgets he's packing underneath that trench coat.

The game: Inspector Gadget on SNES
The code: C269 5D0D

"Unlimited men (if you have at least one of that type)"

Acquiring that first man is always the trickiest part. But once you've finally got a fella on lockdown, it'll be raining men (hallelujah) in ways King Arthur could only imagine in his wildest dreams.

The game: King Arthur's World on SNES
The code: 8EA8-642F + 8EAC-6F2F

"Infinite strawberries"

It's every farmers market attendee's dream! Also, I'm pretty sure those are tomatoes. My point still stands.

The game: Kirby's Dream Course on SNES
The code: 82CF-4D6E

"Talk to someone once to learn all they know"

If this were possible in the real world, student loans would instantly become a thing of the past. Make that happen, Game Genie. I'm begging you.

The game: Mario is Missing on SNES
The code: CB8D-17DF + EE8D-170F + 3C8D-176F

"Just a little bit of lysine causes the raptor rage"

This sounds like the beginning of the next big on-campus drug. "Did you hear about Jim? Couple dabs of lysine, and he went into full-on raptor rage. Starting clawing at the air and breathing so heavily through his flared nostrils."

The game: Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition on Sega Genesis
The code: RFET-G6T0

"Eating birdseed does nothing"

I know it has no nutritional value, but I can't help myself. It's just so tasty!

The game: Road Runner's Death Valley Rally on SNES
The code: DD26-3404


This code can't be as simple as adding blood effects to an infamously mediocre fighting game. That's just too obvious. After dozens of sleepless nights spent combing through arcane scriptures and Shaquille O'Neal basketball stats, I think I've finally found the true meaning of this cheat. "Blood" must be an acronym, encrypting the code's true purpose: Be Like Oval Office Demons. My GOD... Satan's minions have already claimed dominion over the White House. There can be no hope left for humanity now.

The game: Shaq Fu on SNES
The code: DDB6-57AF + DDB3-746F

"Mean robot"

I don't... which?... ok.

The game: Robotrek on SNES
The code: CBEB-1FB9 + BBEB-1F29 + DDEB-14F9 + 3CEB-1499

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater

Know of any other bizarre Game Genie codes? Have you actually used any of the aforementioned cheats? Or maybe you have a different interpretation of what they could possibly mean? Sound off in the comments section below.

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