Bioshock Infinite telescope and kinetoscope locations guide

New Eden Square

New Eden Square - "Father Comstock's Gift of Prophecy"

Take a right at the massive statue to enter Hudson's Suit Cloaks. Your first Kinetoscope is on the left side of the counter.

New Eden Square - "Beware the False Shepherd"

After the parade goes by, cross the bridge and follow the stairs to spot this poster. Next to it is another Kinetoscope.

New Eden Square - Telescope #1

After the boy gives you a telegram, head left to find the Telescope. Use if for a nice view of Monument Island.

New Eden Square - "The Envy of All His Peers"

Just before entering the Fairgrounds, you'll head up a set of stairs to find Jeremiah Fink peddling his wares. Opposite him is another Kinetoscope.

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