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Biggest Non-News Story Of The Day

Yeah okay, it’s a slow news day. Hey, we even considered posting the new official pic from Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows but we kinda figured you'd seen enough images of Daniel Radcliffe holding a wand over the past ten years.

But come on, . We think you may be getting a bit too excited about the fact that actor Sam Worthington was spotted doing an interview for Avatar wearing an Avengers T-shirt! The site speculates that Worthington might be subtly hinting that he wants a role in the Avengers movie, ignoring the fact that, maybe, just perhaps, he likes the T-shirt.

Hell, I wore my Silver Surfer T-shirt to a set visit the other day but nobody rushed up and offered me a role in a movie.

And, you know, we saw David Tennant wearing some Converse All-Stars. Maybe he’s after a role in Chuck! And Michael Shanks was seen in a North Face jacket – he’s clearly angling for a role in the A-Team. And maybe all actors should be warned against wearing Diesel jeans for the forseeable future in case they get offered a role in the next Riddick movie.

On the other hand, if, in six months time, it’s announced that Worthington is playing Ant Man, Moon Knight ot Two-Gun Kid in the Avengers movie, we'll give MTV our heartiest apologies…