Amazon Prime Day deals: game deals, gaming accessories, and 4K TVs

Amazon Prime Day deals: game deals, gaming accessories, and 4K TVs
Amazon Prime Day deals: game deals, gaming accessories, and 4K TVs
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When are the Amazon Prime Day game deals starting? Well, Amazon has officially confirmed that they begin at midnight on July 15, 2019. If you're looking to grab a mid-year bargain on anything PS4, Xbox One, Switch or PC related... this is the time to do it. The Prime Day deals will run for 48 hours, regardless of what country you live in, and they finish at midnight on July 16, PT. You can check out Amazon's official confirmation of the timings, and get a peek at some of the savings via the website.

Amazon Deals - today's best prices
You don't need to wait until Prime Day to grab a decent deal. There are currently a bunch of products on sale via Amazon that are worth checking out. Here's a link to all today's best deals.View Deal

We expect the Amazon Prime Day game deals to be good in 2019. Not just because we're optimists, and we like saving you money, but because we're heading towards the end of the PS4 and Xbox One console cycle, so the big players are keen to sell off hardware and games cheap. Expect massive savings on PS4 Pro deals and Xbox One X deals, and be prepared to save on some of the best gaming TVs too. Now that 4K is well established, and premium TVs like OLEDs and QLEDs are dropping in price, Prime Day will be an excellent time to upgrade your panel. There will be big savings on things like headsets and hard drives too - stuff you need, which almost becomes an impulse purchase if it falls to that magic $50-75 mark. 

You'll also find Prime Day deals on Amazon's own tech, and items that are related to gaming. These often see the largest discounts. And if you're looking to build a PC or upgrade your old one, there will be plenty of PC parts on sale like the best graphics cards, SSDs, and all kinds of keyboards and mice. 

Amazon Prime Day game deals - when will they start?

The Amazon Prime Day game deals start at 12am on the morning of July 15, and run until midnight PT on the evening of July 16. That means it'll run for 48 hours, regardless of where you live. Often the best deals are ready from the start, so if you want to make sure you've got the pick of everything, you need to make sure you're logged onto Amazon at midnight. Don't forget that you need a Prime Membership to take advantage of the deals, so it might pay to sign up for that 30-day free trial of Prime right now. Amazon usually adds a few fresh deals on Day Two, and has Lightning Deals running throughout, but the bulk of the gaming stuff will be right there on Monday.

If you want to make sure you're getting a good deal, here's a trick: add the item you want to buy to your Amazon basket right now. Then wait until Prime Day. You'll then see how much you're saving (if anything) when Prime Day comes around, as the price will update in your basket AND you'll be notified of the saving. Clever.

Amazon Prime Day game deals - what to expect

Below are some of the gaming deals that we found last year during Prime Day. You can expect similar stuff this year, although not exactly the same obviously. The trends you tend to see over Prime Day include offers on 4K TVs, selected games, and PS4, Xbox One, and Switch bundles. You also see a lot of headsets and hard drives reduced, so if you're looking to up your audio fidelity, or need more storage for all those games you've been downloading, Prime Day is definitely the time to strike for these things.

Please note that these deals are no longer active, and represent savings from last year's Prime Day sale.

Game of Thones seasons 1-7 Blu-ray collection for $74.99 (save $155!): Holy White Walkers! If you want every episode of HBO's fantastic fantasy-drama series (save for the final season 8, which is yet to arrive), pick up this collection for a whopping 67% off.View Deal

Nintendo Switch, SanDisk 64GB micro SD card, and $20 eShop gift card for $299.99 (save $40): For the usual asking price of a Nintendo Switch, you get two great bonuses on top of the console itself: a major expansion to your storage space, and enough eShop money to grab a game or two! This bundle is the ideal way to buy a new Nintendo Switch.View Deal

Xbox One X 1TB with 3 months of Game Pass, 3 months of Xbox Live Gold, and Rare Replay for $229.99 (save $70): This is the perfect Xbox One starter kit, giving you access to dozens of new and classic games alike via the combined libraries of Game Pass and Rare Replay.View Deal

New 3DS XL (Super NES Edition) + Mario Kart (SNES) for $149.99 (save $50): Enjoy supreme levels of nostalgia with this special edition New 3DS XL, giving Nintendo's excellent handheld a retro skin, plus a download code for the classic Mario Kart.View Deal

Acer G276HL 27" monitor for $139.99 (save $90!): A 100m:1 contrast ratio and 4ms response time will keep your games looking great and running smooth on this 27" monitor.View Deal

CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme GXIVR8020A5 desktop gaming PC for $749 (save $50): This powerful, affordable rig is a great gateway into PC gaming, complete with an Intel i5-8400 6-core processor and VR-ready specs.View Deal

WD 2TB PS4 hard drive for $58.65 (save $31.34): You'll likely never need to delete a game again with this massive expansion to your PS4's storage capacity.View Deal

HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset for $69.99 (save $30): Soak in the majesty of 7.1 surround sound with these headphones and gain the multiplayer edge when you can hear even the faintest audio cues. View Deal

Logitech G920 racing wheel for $199.99 (save $200!): Feel the road under your virtual car with this great racing wheel that's half price for a limited time, ready to go with your PC or PS4 (with an Xbox One-compatible wheel available at the same link).View Deal

SanDisk 64GB micro SD card for Nintendo Switch for $21.99 (save $21) : Ensure that your Nintendo Switch can hold all your games with this expansion to its storage, currently going for one of the cheapest prices we've seen yet.View Deal

Bose QuietComfort 25 noise-cancelling headphones for $125 (save $174!): Play your favorite games in peace using these high-quality noise-cancelling headphones, which can plug right into your controller.View Deal

HP Pavilion Power 580-100na Gaming Desktop PC for £699 (you save £250!)
You get 27% off this killer gaming PC, which will handle most modern AAA games at maximum settings.
View Deal

15 months of PlayStation Plus membership for £34.99 (save 50%)
Top up your PS Plus membership for half price! You save a massive 50% on this 15 month membership. Yes please.
View Deal

PS4 Pro console - only £299! Save £50!
The best console in the world, now with £50 off the RRP. If you were waiting to go Pro, now is the time.
View Deal

Xbox One S with Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft, and Limited Edition Minecraft controller for £199! You save 50%!
Wow - this really is the bundle to get if you want a new Xbox One S console. That's a massive 50% saved off the price.
View Deal

Toshiba 43U5863DB 43-Inch 4K TV for £280 (save £90)
The cheapest 4K TV you'll find on Amazon Prime Day, with £70 off the original price. And it's a decent TV too!View Deal

PlayStation VR headset + 2x Move controllers for £229.99 (save £90)
All you need to go fully VR on PlayStation 4. This comes with the headset, the camera, a top game AND the two Move controllers.
View Deal

Get £340 off the MSI Raider gaming laptop: That's a Core i7, a GTX 1070, and 16GB of RAM. That's a beast, is what it is. And it's just £1459View Deal

Logitech 910-005313 MX Master AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse - £37.99 (53% off!)
This gaming mouse is epic, and it's currently got 53% off the normal price. If you're looking for a premium mouse at a reasonable price... this is the one to get.
View Deal

Star Trek: Stardate Collection - The Movies 1-10 for £18.55 (save 25%)
Grab this boxset for 10, count 'em,
10 Star Trek movies for just £18.55 - the discount is applied at checkout, so don't worry if you see the standard price when you first load the page.View Deal

Last year also saw big savings on a selection of games, mostly new or 6-12 months old. We had savings of 50% on Call of Duty WW2 and Far Cry 5, which are both solid action titles, and a bunch of big discounts on older games that dipped well below the $25/£20 marks. 

For the Prime Day 2019 game deals, we'd expect to see money off Far Cry 5 New Dawn, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Anthem, Metro Exodus, and Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Maybe we'll see the likes of Resident Evil 2 reduced too, and Red Dead Redemption 2. It's all in the hands of the Amazon Gods, now.

Amazon Prime Day - do I need membership?

Yes, you need to be a member of Amazon Prime to be able to take advantage of the deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019. Similarly, if you're looking to extend your Prime membership - especially if you use the video streaming services - then Prime Day is the time to do that. Don't forget that membership stacks, so your new subscription won't actually start until the old one finishes.

Another advantage of Prime membership is that you get free, next-day delivery. In reality, Amazon struggles to fulfil that on big-sale events like Prime Day and Black Friday, so expect some items to take a couple of days to arrive after you order them, based on where you live. Doesn't always happen, but previous experience suggests this is the case.

Amazon Prime Day game deals - what else is on sale?

It won't just be games on sale during the Amazon Prime Day deals event. You'll also be able to get 4K TVs, mobile phones, and loads of other tech. You'll be able to get Amazon products cheap, with the retailer usually offering 25% off most of its own products - like Fire TV stick, the Kindle Fire tablets, and the Echo range. Echo works with loads of smart devices now, so you can easily fold one into your gaming set-up. Meanwhile, while you wouldn't count the Fire HD tablets among the best gaming tablets, they're definitely great for kids, so you could easily pick one up for the family to free up TV and tablet time for yourself.

You'll also be able to pick up excellent deals on PC components and parts, so if you're building your own rig, Prime Day is a great time to snag some new stuff like one of the best gaming monitors or even a new GPU. Certainly, you'll see savings on keyboards and mice.

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