Be a kid again with a Nerf laser tag set or bow for less than $45 - that's 30% off - during Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day deals: Nerf laser tag and bow

Games aren't just something you play on a TV screen, you know. For those times you want to get off the couch and run around the house / backyard / park / office / look-we-don't-know-your-life-we're-not-gonna-judge, there are few toys better than something branded with the Nerf logo. And wouldn't you know it, Amazon has two fantastic sets available for 30% off.

First up is a Nerf laser tag set, down from $63.99 to just $44.79:

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack for $44.79 (was $63.99): Get two Phoenix LTX blasters and be ready for a battle of laser tag wherever you want.View Deal

The Phoenix system is, to indulge my inner child for a moment, x-tremely rad.  There are no vests, no darts to lose, and each blaster features multiple settings and even recoil. It can also easily expand beyond the two-pack you get with this deal so that you can invite even more people to join the fun. And if you think "They can't possibly work that well," I invite you to check the reviews.

But, if you're a bit more physical, there's another great option for you: the Nerf Sports Dude Perfect Signature Bow.

Nerf Sports Dude Perfect Signature Bow for $41.99 (was $59.99): Feel the pull of the string and let your arrows fly with this Nerf bow.View Deal

Live out your fantasy of being Lara Croft (you know, the new, slightly more murder-y version), cosplay a Hunter from Destiny 2: Forsaken, or just, you know, feel cool. Seriously, have you ever fired a bow and just nailed your target? Such a good feeling. And you can have that without the hassle of seriously injuring yourself or damaging property with this Nerf Sports bow.

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