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Battlefield 3 - Full Access Preview

While we're still formulating our review for Battlefield 3, Mikel Reparaz, Hollander Cooper and Michael Grimm decided to sit down with the game and take a look at the single player campaign. While most of the campaign is on foot, we decided to focus on one of the game's multiple vehicle missions. "Thunder Run" finds you blasting across the desert in a battalion of tanks chucking shells at an enemy group of big armor. This mission is pretty light on the plot, so don't worry about any big spoilers.

So it turns out when you put a game on hard mode it's actually kind of hard. Good to know. Also remember to always lead your targets kid, don't end up a smoldering heap of scrap metal like us. How do you feel about BF3's campaign mode? Are you enjoying it, or did you just skip directly to the multiplayer? Let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for our review, posting soon.

Oct 25th, 2011

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