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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Industrial District/Sheldon Park 

Extortion File 8

1. East of the Wonder Tower and west of the dual tall smoke stacks, you can find this cage on a lower roof. To retrieve the data pack inside, you simply need to use the glue grenade on the three pipes inside.

2. On the side of the shorter third smoke stack, directly east of the Wonder Tower, you can find this data pack. To retrieve it, you’ll need to hack the security panel three times.

3. Directly west of the two tall dual smoke stacks, there will be a destructible wall inside the tower there. To reach it, dive off the tall smoke stack and glide over to the platform.

4. At the northwest tip of the Industrial District, you can find a pressure pad on the ground in front of the hardware store. Simply step on it and ten grapple the data pack on the wall.

5. On the small roof directly to the west of the Amertek sign, you can find this small shack. Blow the entrance open and grab the pack inside.

6. To the north of the Industrial District, to the west side of the Amertek building, there will be a cage and a pressure pad on the ground. Place some gel on the green light to the left of the cage and then step on the pad. Explode the gel and then throw a remote batarang into the opening of the cage on the right to hit the second light.

7. When you enter Sionis’ Mill and reach the second floor where the automated turret is, blow open the wall to the left of the vault door to find this inside.

8. In the very first room you enter in Sionis’ Mill, you can find this data pack above, sitting on an arch. Snag it with the batclaw to receive it.

9. In the Loading Bay Depot of Sionis’ Mill, just after getting the security passcode to enter it, go to the left and there will be a breakable wall. Blow it up and grab the data pack.

10. When you enter the large warehouse in Sionis’ Mill, where you need to break through the upper wall with the swinging pipes, look under the stairs you entered from and the data pack will be under there.

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