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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Amusement Mile 

Extortion File 7

1. Directly west of the rear of the Final Offer, you will see two bird cages hanging. This data pack can be a little tricky to reach. You’ll need to stand on the roof above it, jump off and then swoop back towards the small opening in the side of the wall just to the right of where the data pack is. Once you grab on, just climb up and crawl through to get it.

2. At the rear of the Final Offer there are three pressure pads and a generator. To release the data pack, you will need to fore up the generator with the shock gloves and then step on all three pads without hitting the ground outside of the pads. Step on the closest pad and then use the mast as a launch point for the other two pads. Dive when needed. Once you hit all three, the data pack lock will open.

3. Northeast of the Wonder tower you can find this data pack stashed away in a small corner of a roof behind a destructible wall. The roof it’s on is small and is directly south east from the front of the cathedral in Park Row.

4. Directly northeast of the Wonder Tower, there is a set of girders above the uncompleted bridge. Simply grapple up and grab the unaware data pack there.

5. On top of the DIXON DOCKS building, there will be a fence and a vent system. Toss a remote batarang into the vent and lead it through to hit the green light at the end. Once it does, hop over the fence and retrieve your data pack.

6. On the east side of the Final Offer, you can find this data pack just sitting on the upper deck.

7. When you reach the upper deck, you will come to electrified wires above a gate. Go past that and at the end of the hallway, pull down the ceiling to reveal an opening. Now use the remote batarang through the electricity and up through the opening to hit the fuse panel and open the lock holding the data pack.

8. When on the way out of the Final Offer, when you reach the Deck Access Corridor, there will be a security panel to the right you can get to by hopping over a gap. Do that hop and you will open the door that has a data pack on the floor.

9. When in the casino, inside the ship, there will be three dollar signs on a stage. Hit all three with a quick tap of the batarangs and the data pack will spin around revealing itself.

10. Once you have defeated Deathstroke and taken his remote claw, use it to create a line above you and then climb up. Look over to the crossbeam above the fuel tanks and the data pack will be there. Just glide over to grab it.

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