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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Amusement Mile 

Extortion File 6

1. Directly east of the Gotham Casino, go to the middle floor of the building there and through an iron gate you will see a security panel. Hack it and the data pack is yours.

2. From the rooftop across from the DIXON DOCKS sign, go to the north east corner and look for the remote batclaw anchor. Drop the line over to the sign and then zipline back towards the west to crash through the weak wall and get the data pack.

3. West of the DIXON DOCKS sign west of the Batwing launch marker, you can find this generator on the roof. Simply hit it with the shock gloves and grab the data pack.

4. On top of the building to the southwest of the GCR tower, there is a small shack that you can blow the entrance open. Do so with your gel and the data pack will be inside.

5. At the base of the GCR tower, there is a data pack inside a cage. Simply slide under the opening to reach it.

6. Hope you have your remote batarang skills up for this. Hit the train yard at the central north end of the area and there will be some train cars. Look for the blue cars facing north with the pressure pad on them and step on it. When you do, a train car behind you will open its doors. Toss a remote batarang in and guide it to the rear of the car and then u-turn it, and then dive it to the lower car where there is a green light. Hit the light and the data pack is yours.

7. After you are on the ship and you slide through the low opening to reach the third floor, slide through another low opening and then look up to the pipe above to see the data pack sitting inside it.

8. When in the Theatre for the large battle with thugs, enter the grates on either side of the large staircase. The grates will take you behind the stairs and once you exit, there will be a data pack there in between them.

9. After you break through the glass and fight once again in the Casino, go through to the next room where there is a model of the Final Offer in a glass case as soon as you enter. Go to the left and you will come to a breakable wall there. Smash through and grab the data pack on the ground.

10. Once you enter the theatre on the Final Offer and deal with the room full of thugs, there will be a half fence that you can slide under in the far left corner of where you entered from. Slide under there and then follow the hallway to find the data pack on the table.

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