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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Amusement Mile 

Extortion File 5

1. There will be a shipping container hanging from a crane over the south shore. Dive towards the boarded up end of the container and crash through to get the data pack inside.

2. At the rear of the building with the Gotham Casino sign on top of it, go all the way to the ground floor and beside the iron fence, in the corner, will be a small shack that you can blow the door off of to get this data pack.

3. On the rooftop where the Gotham Casinos sign is, simply throw a glue grenade at the pipe and then crawl into the vent to grab the data pack.

4. On the roof to the northeast of the Gotham Casino sign--directly behind it--you can find a set of vents on the roof with two lights. Place gel on the light to the right and then hit the left light. Crawl through the open vent and when you can stand, explode the gel. Crawl through the next opening to get the data pack.

5. Just to the southeast of the graveyard in Park Row, you can find these 4 pressure plates behind a fence. Simply run along all four within the time limit to release the data pack on the wall.

6. On a rooftop beside the rear of the cathedral in Park Row, there will be a generator. Charge it up with the shock gloves and then you will have ten seconds to grapple the data pack out of the lock at the far end with batclaw.

7. When going through the Final Offer and you come to the small raft you need to ride on, grapple the ceiling above you first and pull it down. Climb up and follow the corridor around to find the data pack on the floor there.

8. When you reach the first gap you have to jump over, just before the fires inside the Final Offer, look to the right down the corridor and there will be a data pack along the side of the water, frozen in ice. Use the remote batclaw to get over to it and then drop a glue grenade in the water to jump down to. Grab the data pack and hop back up to the rope.

9. When you get to the top of the Boiler Room in the Final Offer, use the glue grenade to stop the steam coming out from the pipe beside the bars. Slide through the opening and grab the data pack on the left side.

10. At the very end of the Final Offer, when you are leaving the ship, look up to the left to see a closed valve there. Pull it open with your batclaw and grab the data pack inside.

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