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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

The Bowery 

Extortion File 4

1. On the roof of the building across from both the Gotham Light and Power building and the Ace Chemical Plant, there is a generator that you must charge up with the Shock Gloves. Once you do, the three pressure pads will light up. Step on each until the middle row of three lights on the wall light up and the data pack beside them will be yours.

2. To the west of the entrance to the Merchant’s Bank, there is an alleyway with a pressure pad. Stand on it and then throw a remote batarang through the opening in the fence to hit the green light. Once hit, slide through to get the data pack.

3. South of the horse sculpture, there is a cage on the ground with three green lights inside and a pressure plate outside. Enter the cage and place three explosives on where the lights are and then return to the pressure plate. Step on it and then detonate the gels to open the data pack to the right.

4. Directly west of the Merchant’s Bank, on the rooftop along the shore, there will be a set of pressure plates and a data pack at the far end. To reach it, use the remote claw and climb across the rope to reach the far side. Drop down and pick it up.

5. This data pack can be grabbed by standing on the pressure plate on the smaller roof of the eastern side of the Gotham Light and Power building. When you step on the plate, a green light to the far left will light up. Throw a remote batarang to hit it and then grab the pack.

6. Directly across from the Gotham Light and Power building, on the west side, there is a very tall building with a lone balcony on the front of it. Look there to find this data pack.

7. At the southeastern point of the Bowery, below the main street, you will find this dead end with some shops. Blow open the boards on the left side with the explosive gel to get inside and grab the data pack.

8. At this building located just to the west of the Gotham Power and Light building, there will be a security device on the left side of the building that will unlock the data packet located on the right side.

9. Right behind the Merchant’s Bank, on the ground there will be this small shack. Blow it open to find the data pack inside.

10. When you enter Merchant’s Bank, the first large room will have this data pack inside the floor grate just before the large doors.

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