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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

The Bowery 

Extortion File 3

1. At the rear of the Carmine hotel, right along the border of Park Row and the shore to the west, you can find this data pack on the wall. All you need to do is hack the lock on it to retrieve it.

2. In this underground section on the western most part of the Bowery, you’ll need to pop open the vent above the cage and then use the shock gloves to open the cage. Once it’s open, crawl inside to get the data pack.

3. Just west of the previous data pack, but on ground level, there will be four pressure pads, on the ground, four lights on the wall, and a generator. Shock the generator with your shock glover and then step on the pressure pads in the order that the lights light up on the wall within ten seconds.

4. This data pack is located on the GCR tower but can be a bit tricky to reach. To get to it, you’ll need to climb to the highest building around—located to the southwest—and then dive off and swoop upwards towards the radio tower to get enough height to reach where the data pack is.

5. You can find this data pack on the east side of the Mad Hatter's shop. There is a small ledge on the very top of the roof where it is sitting and can only be reached by launching off the gargoyles to the north and then diving and swooping up to gain some extra height.

6. When you enter the Mad Hatter’s building, climb through the vent, but before dropping down into his room with other people, continue around the corner to find this.

7. Across from the ACE Chemical building, facing south, there is a rooftop with a small fence around the data pack. Simply glide off the Chemical building to get inside the fence and grab it.

8. This data pack can be found on the ground level in front of the Gotham Light and Power Building to the north end. The pack will be on a wall across from the building in a corner and will need to use the shock gloves to retrieve it.

9. This file, which is located on the west side of the Mad Hatter’s building, can be a little tricky to nab. To get it, first set explosive gels on the green lights that are located on the wall to the left of the door to the Mad Hatter’s and the far wall on the other side. Once the gel is set, detonate both and then you will need to quick throw three batarangs at the three lights that then appear over the data pack.

10. When you enter the Merchant’s Bank, look at the spinning gears and a data pack will be on one of the teeth as it goes round.

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