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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Park Row 

Extortion File 2

1. Behind the Monarch Theatre and across from the building with the neon giant lightbulb, there is a small shack. Blow open the entrance with explosive gel and grab the pack inside.

2. On the rooftop to the southwest of the cathedral, you’ll see this data pack just sitting in the corner.

3. To get this data pack which is located on the small roof to the east of Ace Chemicals and in front of the building with the blue neon light bulb, you’ll need to slide under the cage opening at the bottom.

4. Just north of the Bowery GCR tower, drop down to the balcony on the west side of the building and hack the security system to get this data pack.

5. When you are just west of the Gotham Light and Power building and next to the Ace Chemical plant, look for the building with the large faces and then land on the nearby roof. Here will be a generator you can charge up for a brief few seconds that will charge up an antennae close by. Throw your remote batarang through the electricity and hit it hit the fuse box directly across from the generator to open the data pack lock.

6. To the left side of the Gotham Light and Power building, facing west, there is a small shack near the top that can be broken into with the remote batclaw. Shoot a line in front of it and then zipline inside to grab the data pack.

7. Directly east of the Ace Chemical building, there will be this courtyard which has 5 pressure pads in it. Use the shock gloves on the generator and then step on the corresponding pads that light up on the lights in front.

8. Directly south of the Monarch Theatre, on the street, there will be an alley a fence and a pipe blowing steam. Use the glue grenade on the pipe and then slide under the fence. You’ll need to hack the lock inside, but once done, the data pack is yours.

9. When you are descending the Park Row Sewers, there will be a section with a large gate on the opposite side along with an anchor inside for the remote batclaw. From the catwalk opposite, throw in a remote batarang to hit the green light and then use the remote claw. This will then allow you to crawl in at the top of the bars and grab the data pack on the ground.

10. When you are in Bane’s HQ, enter the small office there and look to the ceiling to find a grate. Pull it down and grab the data pack inside.

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