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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide


Extortion File 19

1. Just north of the GCPD, there is a large green billboard. Just to the south of the billboard, you will be able to see a pressure plate on the roof. Step on it and then toss three glue grenades at the pipes. Once they are clogged, crawl in the open end of the cage to get the data pack.

2. Just across from the Hamilton Hills building in south Burnley, you can find this generator on the rooftop. Simply use your shock gloves on it to release the data pack.

3. Along the eastern shore, just northeast of the radio tower, there is a doorway with stairs leading up from the ice. Use the shock gloves to hit the generator and then quickly grab the data pack with the batclaw.

4. When inside the GCPD, just after you pass the room full of SWAT officers, you will come to an office where you can break through the glass. Hop through to find this in the corner.

5. Inside the interrogation room in the GCPD, there will be a green switch on the wall beside the glass. Hit it with a remote batarang and then grapple the data pack down when the flap covering it opens.

6. When you reach the Evidence locker in the GCPD, use a remote batarang to go back through the vent and hit the electricity and then u-turn it back through the vent again and hit the fuse box to the right of the cell with the data pack inside.

7. Inside the office on the upper floor of the cell block access, smash through the glass on the far side to get this.

8. After you have received the shocking gloves, you can return to the SWAT managers office in the GCPD and use the generator on the door to enter the locker room. In here you’ll find a data pack in one of the showers.

9. When you go to the morgue in the GCPD, blow open the section of floor beside the table before leaving.

10. When you have made your way to reception in the GCPD, you can enter the second locker room that is through the back room. It’s much easier to reach here once you have finished the game as the station will be empty. Once in the locker room, pull open the locker with the batclaw to grab the data pack.

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