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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide


Extortion File 18

1. On the east side of the GCPD building, you can find this data pack on the side of the building. A simple hack is all that’s needed to retrieve it.

2. This can be found on the roof of the GCPD to the north side in the centre.

3. For this Data pack located on the roof, south of the GCR Tower, you will need to stand on the pressure plate in front of the cage and toss a remote batarang inside to hit the green button. Once you do, toss another one through the roof of the cage and hit the second green button to access the data pack.

4. At the very southeast corner of Burnley, walk along the ledge behind the building there to find the data pack up on the wall near the corner.

5. Directly in front of the Hamilton Hill, at the base of the GCR tower, and to the left of some electrical wires, this data pack will require you to toss a batarang through the electricity and then up onto the balcony to hit the fuse box on the wall. Try to throw the batarang through the loop on the wire to make sure it goes through.

6. Along the north border of Coventry and Burnley, look for this small shack that is just east of the two large smoke stacks. Blow the opening of it and grab the data pack inside.

7. Just to the east of Enigma’s hideout, there are some red lit trees on the ground. Step on the pressure pad there and then quick-throw some batarangs at the green lights that appear up and to the left under the bridge. Once all fire lights are hit, the data pack will unlock ahead of you.

8. Directly to the east of data pack 5, there is a doorway under a small roof with a security console and a locked data pack. Hack the panel three times and the data pack will be yours.

9. This can be found inside a small shed near the roof of the Hamilton Hills building. Blow open the boards blocking the entrance and then enter to grab it.

10. On the eastern shore, just inside the Diamond District, there will be a pressure pad up high on the cliff face and the data pack locked below. Grapple up to the pole above and then glide down to hit the pad. Drop to the ground and then grapple the data pack with the few seconds allowed.

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