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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Diamond District 

Extortion File 17

1. West of the GCR tower, and on the main streets, look for this intersection and then look up to see the green Christmas lights. You’ll need to toss a remote batarang through the opening within the green lights and make the batarang fly to the end of the passage to hit the green switch. Once hit, grapple up to the top of the green Christmas lights and grab the unlock data pack there.

2. On top of this building right next to the furniture billboard, directly west of the Batwing launch point, there will be a pressure pad that will light three green lights on top of the billboard. Quick-hit the three lights and step off the pad to hit another three that light up. Hit all six within ten seconds and the lock for the data pack to the right will open.

3. Just west of the Diamond GCR tower, you can find a billboard for Soder Cola on the west side of a building. Between the two buildings there will be two pressure pads. Just off the westernmost building and then bounce off and glide over to hit the other pressure pad to open the data pack lock above the second pressure pad.

4. To the east of this red lit building, there will be a pressure pad and a vent. Tear the grate off the right side of the vent and when you step on the pressure pad, electricity will spark in the electrical panel across from you. Toss a batarang into the electricity and then u-turn it and swoop it around to enter the vent and hit the fuse box inside. Once done, grapple the data pack down.

5. On the north side of the Hamilton Hill building, on the low roof, there is a pressure pad along with six lights, three of which are behind bars. Use the explosive gel on the three behind bars and then step on the pad. Quick-throw to hit the three open lights and then detonate the gel to hit the other three. Grab the data pack once all six have been hit.

6. Just to the east of the Hamilton Hill building, drop down to the ground and behind a truck will be this data pack. Hit the jammer with the Disrupter and then hack the panel to retrieve it.

7. Inside the Joker’s Ball room, after you have dealt with the large crowd, grapple up to the balcony and activate the switch for the Jack in the Box. Once it pops out, create a rope with the anchor point and crawl half way across. Before reaching the other side, jump down to the right on the tracks in front of the purple building and there will be a security device there. Hack it and the nose of the large clown will pop open revealing the data pack inside.

8. When you are in the large room with the roller coaster tracks, drop down to the main floor and just before you enter the gate to fight the crowd of bad guys, look to the left to find this data pack under the tracks.

9. Once you reach the top of the ventilation shaft in the west tower, there will be a pipe blowing stream beside a low opening in a barred door. Use the glue grenade on the pipe and then slide under to get the data pack on the wall.

10. After you save the hotel employee and arrive at the closed gate to the Over/View restaurant, enter the grate on the side of the hallway in the floor and the data pack will be in the centre.

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