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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Diamond District 

Extortion File 16

1. Along the north shore of the Diamond District, you will find this cage along the cliff face. Use the remote claw on the anchor points and then simply walk along the rope the cage opening to retrieve it.

2. At the very front of the Royal Hotel, climb up to the first balcony and use the shock gloves on the generator to open the lock on the data pack. Simply walk over and grab it before the generator times down.

3. To the right side of the front of the Royal Hotel, there will be a lone pressure pad behind a wall. Step on it and a green light will appear across from you. Simply hit it with a batarang to unlock the data pack.

4. To the southwest of the GCR tower, you can find this small shack in the corner of two buildings. Simply blow open the entrance to walk inside.

5. East of the Hamilton Hills building, look for this cage along the red lights on the side of the building. Grapple the grate off the side of the cage and then swoop down to climb inside and retrieve the data pack.

6. Directly west of the Royal Hotel, look for the red lit ledge and there will be a pressure pad there. Step on the pad when it glows green and grab the data pack right beside it.

7. Once you have received the Shock Gloves, this data pack will be behind the second gate that you can open with them, in the same hallway as the first.

8. When you need to shock the generator on the elevator to get up to the 19th floor, ride the elevator to the top and then use the remote claw on the anchors above at the top of the elevator shaft. Grapple up to the line and crawl across to the opening where the data pack is.

9. When you are near the very top of the ventilation shaft, you will come to this corridor with an opening on the right side. Crawl in to it and then grapple up under the large fans. Shimmy to the right a bit and the data pack will be on the ledge there.

10. Once you enter the Joker’s ballroom, In the next hallway around the corner where the guards are in strapped in chairs in the water, there will be a data pack high on the wall to the left. To open it, you’ll need the range extender on the sequencer to hack the panel that is above the doorway high on a beam.

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