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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Diamond District 

Extortion File 15

1. On the north side of the GCR building, you can find this lower balcony. To reach it, you will need to swoop down from the story above since it won’t actually let you grapple on the lower edge. Swoop in and simply grapple down the data pack.

2. At the southwest corner of the GCR tower building, on the street level, you can find this data pack hanging out on the ceiling.

3. In front of the sign at the Soder Cola building, there will be three signal jammers that need to be taken out before you can grab this data pack. Take them down and then hack to the terminal to get it.

4. Directly in front of the entrance to the Soder Cola building, you can find this data pack to the right of the entrance. Simply hack the terminal three times to gain access to it.

5. On the train bridge right beside the Batwing launch map marker, you can find a wall at the end of the track that can be blown up. Do so and blow up the next two walls as well to finally reach the data pack on the ground.

6. On the lower roof of the building just north of the GCR tower, you can find this cage with two pipes billowing steam. Use the glue grenades on the pipes and then walk in to grab the data pack.

7. When you enter the parking garage, there will be a small alcove with steam pipes blocking the open data pack. Use your glue grenades on the pipe and grapple the pack.

8. When you are inside the parking garage of the hotel, look on the left side to find this grate above a door. Pull it down and climb into the room to find the data pack on the floor.

9. When inside the Royal Hotel, take the elevator up from the parking garage and as soon as you exit, there will be some balloons on your right. The data pack will be behind them.

10. When you are inside the Hotel Lobby, go through the floor grates at the bottom of the large set of stairs to find this there.

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