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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide


Extortion File14

1. To the southeast of the GCR tower, on the main street level below the train tracks, you can find this data pack high up on the wall. Simply grapple it to retrieve it.

2. On top of the Koul-Brau Brewery, just south of the GCR tower, you will find three pressure pads on the roof and the locked data pack at the far end. To get the data pack you need to hit all three pads without touching the ground. Stand on the first, the farthest from the lock and use the remote batclaw on the anchors attached to the two smoke stacks beside you. Grapple up and then glide down to the second pad. Now shoot a diagonal line from the next anchor ahead of you to the middle one. Grapple up and you will now be able to glide down to the third pad easily, opening the lock.

3. To the south of Coventry, you can follow the train tracks to the end of the line. When you reach the end of the tracks, look for the locked data pack beside the set of large doors. Use the sequencer on the lock to retrieve the pack.

4. Directly south of the entrance you use to get into Lacey Tower, there is a wall of glass that you can glide over to and smash through. Do so and the data pack is inside.

5. Before you enter the doorway that takes you into Lacey Tower, go to the right of the door a few steps and you will find the data pack on the wall there.

6. At the northwest corner of Lacey Towers, you can find this data pack on the side of the building beside a loading door. Simply hack the panel the sequencer and grapple it down.

7. Just east of the radio tower, there will be four lights on the south side of a wall. Hit all four lights with your batarangs and the data pack will be yours.

8. Just south of the Cale-Anderson sign, one building south of the My Alibi nightclub, you can find this data pack on the roof. Simply use the shock gloves on the generator beside it to open the lock.

9. At the base of the Cale-Anderson building, on the southwest corner, you can find this data pack on the wall. Nothing fancy is needed to get it other than to beat up a few fellows hanging around.

10. When you enter the My Alibi Nightclub after starting the Bird side mission, fight the group of enemies there and then once all is quiet, grapple to the cage above the main floor to find the data pack on it.

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