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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide


Extortion File 13

1. At the south end of the Pioneer Bridge, on top of the pipe just before it to the south end, you can find this data pack just lying there.

2. Just outside the front entrance to the My Alibi Nightclub, there will be a large truck and a data pack across from it on the corner. Hop on the truck and then quick-fire batarangs at the lights above to open the lock.

3. On the south western roof of the My Alibi Night Club, there will be a data pack beside a cage and a vent. You will need to toss a batarang through the vent to hit the green light and then the data pack will be yours for the taking.

4. Go to the east side of the building found at the very northwest corner of Coventry and you will see a small bridge between the two buildings. The Data pack will be on the west side, but to get it, you will need to batclaw it from afar as the lock will close if you get too close.

5. Look for the end of the rail tracks just north of batwing launch marker on the map and you will be able to find this data pack in the tunnel directly across from the red lights there. Simply grapple it down from the tunnel ceiling.

6. Along the northwest shore, you can find this cage to the side of the building to the north. Simply toss in your glue grenades at the pipes and then walk in to grab the data pack.

7. At the southwest roof right next to the GCR tower, you can find this small shack. Simply blow the entrance open and walk in.

8. At the far southwest end of Coventry, at the docks, look for the building with the large A and B on it and then blow open the boarded up wall between the letters to find the data pack.

9. Once you enter Sionis’ safe house in Lacey Tower, go to the right of the staircase that is located to the left of the crime scene. The data pack will be on the wall there.

10. After you deal with Bird in the My Alibi Nightclub, go to the back dressing room through the now open doors and pull down the grate to the right of the hole in the wall. Climb up and you will find the data pack in there.

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