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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Pioneer's Bridge 

Extortion File 12

1. On the very northern part of the bridge, go to the upper catwalk and there will be a generator to the east that you will need to charge up with the shocking gloves. Once it is charged, just go to the opposite side of the catwalk to get the data pack.

2. At the foot of the bridge at the north end, on the west side, there will be a pile of trash and a jammer beside this data pack. It can be a little tricky to spot, but it is on the southwest corner beside the staircase.

3. Just above the entrance door to the Maintenance room under the bridge, you can find this simple data pack that you just need to hack three times to open.

4. On the upper level in the centre on the bridge, there will be a pressure plate between the two support structures. Stand on the plate and then use your remote batarangs to hit the green lights that glow on the corners of the two pillars. Facing forward, go clockwise from the light to left and back. Hit them in order and the lights on the ground in front of you will stay lit up and open the data pack directly above you.

5. On the west side of the bridge, just before the centre of it, on the level just below the road, there is a breakable wall at the end of the walkway. Smash through it and you can find the data pack inside there.

6. When you reach the top of the freight elevator shaft inside the bridge, enter the room to the boiler room and there will be a barred door ahead of you. You will need an upgraded cryptograph to unlock the door and grab the data pack off the floor.

7. When you enter the main train station area, hop into the grate on the floor and follow it to the left of where you enter, all the way to the end to find the data pack in the corner.

8. When you are heading through the north gate from inside the train station, there will be a door on the right to the Depot. On the right wall will be a generator that you need the shock gloves to charge. When you do, toss a remote batarang through an opening in the fence and have it go through the electricity the generator created at the far end. Make a u-turn with the batarang and hit the fuse box to open the gate. Grapple up through the new opening and then blow a hole in the top of the train to find the data pack inside.

9. When you return to the train station after the hostages have been rescued and have left the train car, you will then be able to enter through the open end and retrieve this data pack from inside.

10. When you are in the main train station where the hostages were in the car, look to the top of the far end of the room to see the data pack up high against the wall, between two lights.

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