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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Pioneer's Bridge 

Extortion File 11

1. On the southern half of the bridge, hit switch on the catwalk above the bridge and on the opposite side of the platform the unlocked data pack will there to pick up.

2. At the far south end of the bridge, go to the west side and near the shoreline you will see three doors and a catwalk above. Toss a remote batarang at the green light on the balcony and the three lights above the doors will light up. Quick-throw three batarangs at the lights and the data pack on the catwalk above will be open.

3. Underneath the southern section of the bridge, there are three hanging platforms that have pressure plates on them. Once you hit the first, you will have 20 seconds to hit the other two. Simply glide and rappel and you should be able to get it easily. The data pack will be on the third platform.

4. Underneath the very northern section of the bridge, at the very top, this data pack will be hanging out. Grab it with the batclaw from the opposite ledge.

5. On the northern half of the bridge on the east side, there is a ship with a couple cranes around it. On one of the ships will be two pressure plates and the data pack at the front of the cabin. Step on the upper pressure plate and then grapple up to the crane on the left without stopping. Glide back around and land on the second pressure plate without stopping. When you land on it, the data pack will be unlocked.

6. When you enter the Maintenance Room under the bridge to get the bombs, go all the way to the top of the first shaft and before going through the door at the top, go up and around to the left to find a steam pipe and a grate. Go through the grate to find this at the end.

7. After you pass the boiler room and meet up with Brandon, the SWAT officer, there will be a gate to the left of where he is with a data pack behind it. To reach it, pull open the vent cover above where he is and then toss a remote batarang in and guide it to the switch behind the bars. Once it is hit, slide under the gate to get the data pack.

8. When you enter the area under the bridge while going after the bombs, before you climb the first ladder in the freight elevator shaft, turn around and look up behind the pipes there to find this data pack along the wall.

9. As soon as you enter the Maintenance Room under the bridge when going after Firefly’s bombs, crawl under the stairs to the right of the boat and then run and slide under the walkway you entered on. You can grab the data pack off the ground there.

10. When you are about half way up the freight elevator shaft under the bridge, you will see a data pack behind a fence. Toss a remote batarang to the switch that is behind the wall on the left of the cage and the bars will rise once hit. Grapple the data pack to retrieve it.

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