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Batman: Arkham Origins enigma data pack locations guide

Industrial District/Sheldon Park 

Extortion File 9

1. This data pack can be found on the very top of the GCR tower. To get there, you will need to go to the smokestack that is located to the northeast and then glide over to it and land.

2. Southwest of the Amertek building, there will be a small alley with 5 pressure pads inside it. Use the shock gloves on the generator and then run across all the pads and slide under the cage at the end to get the data pack.

3. At the base of the Gotham City Works building, just west of the Industrial District map label, you can find this weak wall which has the data pack behind it.

4. At the base of the westernmost smoke stack north of the steel mill, you will find this data pack near the ground on the side of the building there.

5. Just south of the entrance to the Steel Mill, you can find this data pack just hanging out on top of a catwalk.

6. On top of the steel mill, you will find this generator and the data pack directly above it. Simply use the shock gloves and then grapple the data pack before it closes.

7. When you enter the large warehouse in the mill, go to the far left back corner behind the shelves and there will be a door there. Go through and drop down to the sewers below. Use the glue grenade on the pipes and retrieve the data pack around the corner.

8. When you enter the large Warehouse in Sionis’ Mill, go to the far left corner and there will be a breakable wall there. Use the remote batclaw to zipline through it and grab the data pack on the ground.

9. After you break through the wall with the pipes in the mill, hop through the opening and immediately on your right will be a data pack through the bars. To get it, toss a remote batarang through the slit in the door to the left of the bars and make a u-turn with it so it hits the switch. Once open, slide under to get the pack.

10. When you are in the large drug lab room, there is a generator beside the conveyor belt between the stairs. Use the shock gloves on the generator and the chute at the end of the conveyor will open revealing the data pack.

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