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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide

Founders' Island: Riddles 

"Far away the deflated brute roams, leaving behind what he couldn't ship home."

This riddle can be solved in Port Adams. Look for a cluster of shipping containers on the northwest part of the port, then find one with an open door. Inside are some Santa Prisca crates, one of which you can open with the Batclaw. Do so to find Bane's costume, and scan it.

"An ancient order, lust for power consumed, their patron saint here is entombed."

There's a cemetery in Drescher. Head there and check the west-facing side of the church to see a shrine to Saint Dumas. Scan it to solve.

"He saved the date! All Hallow's Eve! But this calendar killer took his leave."

This one's a little tricky. You'll need to head into the tunnels that run under Lex Corp. Look for a wooden structure that you can grapple into, and you'll find Calendar Man's desk inside. Scan it to solve.

"A million dollar home for a spoilt child, his parents are dead but his parties are wild."

You'll have to scan Wayne Manor to solve this one. To spot it, head for the train station west of Wayne International Plaza. From up here, you can zoom your view across the water to see the mansion.

"This tumbledown ruin's not looking its best, but what do you expect from the Penguin's old nest?"

Cobblepot Manor is found on the southwest side of island, north of Port Adams. Head there and scan the sign above the door to solve this.

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