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Batman: Arkham Knight Riddler guide


Almost directly south of the previous trophy is a cracked wall high on a building. Shoot through with the Batmobile, and grapple into the alcove for another trophy.

Gotham Herald

The plus-shaped Herald building is found on the western edge of Kingston. On the northern rooftop is a squad of Riddler bots - some green, some orange - and a switch. Take out the green guys, then hit the switch with a Batarang to change the orange guys green. Take them out too to free the trophy.

Gotham Herald

On the west-facing part of the building is a bit of wood paneling. Bust through this with Explosive Gel or a glide kick to grab the trophy on the other side.

Gotham Herald

Check the plaza underneath the Herald proper to find a Riddler puzzle. Use the Batmobile winch to move the tunnels left or right, guiding the trophy ball down to the prize slot.

Pauli's Diner

Right on the Kingston/Grand Avenue border is Pauli's Diner - the same joint where the game's prologue took place. Head inside to find this behind the counter.

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