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Assassin's Creed II: Glyphs and statuettes guide


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Glyph location:

Villa Auditore: If this Glyph is giving you any trouble, you’re making it much harder than it needs to be. While facing the villa’s front door, run over toward the left side of the house.. You’ll see what looks like a faint barcode on the upper-left corner of its façade; climb up there and scan it.

Statuette locations:

There’s just one Glyph in Monteriggioni, but to compensate for it the town has a collectible feature you won’t find anywhere else: statuettes of the Roman gods. Finding them will net you 2,000 florins for every pair you can reunite on their pedestals, which are positioned around the grounds of the villa. Grab all eight, and the Myth Maker Achievement/Trophy is yours. Here’s where they’re hiding:

Mars: The Roman god of war is super-easy to find; just ascend the steps on the left that lead up to the villa, and then turn left again. He’s right there on the wall.

Venus: The Roman goddess of love can be found pretty close to her partner, Mars – just head to the southwest corner of the villa’s grounds and look out past the barrier – she’s stuck to a wall and easy to retrieve.

Pluto: Another gimme, Pluto can be found at the southeast edge of the villa grounds; just ascend the staircase on the right that leads to the villa and turn right to find the alcove he’s hiding in.

Neptune: Pluto’s partner Neptune is hiding in plain sight, one block east of the center of town. Just look for the little garden with the tree at its center and a bench in front. He’s glued to the back wall.

Jupiter: The king of the gods is hiding just under the eastern edge of the church’s roof – climb up and drop down to grab him.

Minerva: Jupiter’s daughter can be found southwest of where you found him, above a low rooftop on the wall of a house.

Diana: The moon goddess can be found hanging above an arch that’s slightly northwest of the town’s front gate.

Apollo: Diana’s brother can be found clinging to a high wall a block or so west of where you found Diana, on a building just east of the city’s wall.

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