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Another Percy Jackson trailer online

Another trailer for Chris Columbus's Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief has surfaced.

This new look shows a lot more action than previous trailers, and you can sense the scale of the Greek god-based action.

This is one of the many contenders to take the family-friendly fantasy franchise baton from Harry Potte r when that series ends.

Columbus certainly has the credentials, having directed the first two Harry Potter movies - and with Percy Jackson also sourced from a hit series of children's books, the ingredients are in place for another epic franchise.

The casting of the mythological figures is pretty enticing, with Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean and Uma Thurman among the deities - though we're hoping a couple of those dodgier effects shots are still being worked on.

Check it out here:

Can this take on the Harry Potter franchise? Let us know if you think it stands a chance below!