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Amy Adams set for Janis Joplin biopic

City Of God


Amy Adams will portray singer Janis Joplin in the film biopic Get it While You Can , for director Fernando Meirelles.

Adams is no stranger to biopic territory - she was in Julie & Julia , a biopic of writer Julie Powell - or to a bit of a sing-song, as she proved in Enchanted , though this project might prove a bit more of a stretch in both departments.

Meirelles ( City of God ) wants filming to commence towards the end of the year, though he's yet to complete filming of a project for the BBC, 360 , which he is signed on to direct.

Other factors may halt the plans for this ever-anticipated biopic. Producers Temple Hill Entertainment still have no studio partner, though Fox Searchlight are said to be interested.

Over the last decade two projects have been unsuccessful in bringing Joplin to the big screen.

Lakeshore Entertainment’s project, Piece of My Heart , which was to star Renée Zellweger never reached fruition.

Peter Newman had Lili Taylor and rock star Pink attached to his project, The Gospel According to Janis . The bulk of the rights needed, including Joplin’s most well known songs were also in the bag, but his project still fell through.

Newman remains determined and is currently working alongside Rolling Stone magazine’s found editor David Dalton, who was present in the months leading up to Joplin’s death.

If 360 falls through, Meirelles will surge ahead with the biopic, but If filming is pushed into 2011, then perhaps Newman can get beat him to the punch.

Should Merielles toss 360 aside and get a little piece of Janis action? Let us know.

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