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Alien: Isolation ID tags location guide

Mission 10 - The Trap 


Solomons Habitation Tower Galleria Lower Concourse: At the east side of the opening area, head into the side room and look on the side by the window.


Lorenz Systech Spire Upper Level: BEFORE INITIATING THE FIRST LOCKDOWN head into Seegson Security, turn left then look on the bench inside the cell on your left.


Lorenz Systech Spire Upper Level: After you go into the Server Farm, head into the side room to the north and check the bench on the side.


Gemini Exoplanet Solutions Upper Floor: From the Ore Processing area, take the ladder up then head left to the Analysis Lab breaker switch area - follow the blood stains into the vent to find a body.


Project KG348 Upper Decks: At the opposite end of the corridor to the Research Labs access, head into the Decontamination Room then check on a bed in the side room with a man crouched in the corner.

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