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Alien: Isolation ID tags location guide

Mission 12 - A Synthetic Solution 


Seegson Synthetics Seegson Synthetics Administration: After climbing up to the next area and passing through Android Disposal, head to the end of the curved corridor and enter the side room with covered computers, then check on the desk at the back left.



Seegson Synthetics Android Orientation: After climbing across the plant room and entering the next area through the door past the save point, head through the rooms full of androids and security cameras (creep to avoid detection) into the end office then open the floor hatch and follow the vent to the east end.


Seegson Synthetics Android Orientation: Once Samuels gets you access to the private transit, backtrack down the corridor and hack the access panel on the right to access a side office, then look on the floor straight ahead.

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