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78 things GamesRadar hates about gaming

Dickhead forumites
The beauty of internet forums is how they bring huge numbers of like minded people together. The tragedy of internet forums is how many users abuse this opportunity by using the web's anonymity to make their own petty lives feel significantly less awful by systematically insulting, irritating and enraging everyone and everything they come into contact with. Worse still are the cretins who regard such activity as "free speech".

Games going 'dark'
Shadow the Hedgehog? We spit our heaviest, darkest lung pearls in your stupid face.

Any game that's longer than 100 hours
Oh. God. The guilt, the pain, the weariness of 4am and no save point, the endless road to a long-forgotten goal, the neglected health, the ready-meals eaten off knees, the crushing weight of what still lies ahead, the constantly moving familiar images painted onto the back of our eyelids...

No one but students and the unemployed can realistically dedicate 100+ hours to a single game without becoming a socially malnutritioned pitiful wreck. Most of our favourite games are expansive without being life-sappingly long, or are just concentrated brilliance. We'd always prefer to have 10 hours of sublime gaming than 100 hours of drawn-out dross.

The cost of gaming
Do we look like oil tycoons? No. We're flat broke. Skint. Penniless. Strapped for cash. We drink cold soup straight from the can just so we can afford gaming's extortionate admission prices. How much for a console? How much for games? How much for all the essential sundries not included in the box? Sort it out or we'll do something stupid. Like take up art and crafts instead.

Being a European Nintendo fan
Being a Nintendo fan in Europe is like being a battered wife in a long-term abusive relationship. You know it’s wrong, but you just can’t get out. They only beat you because they love you, and when they do come through for you, it makes all the pain worth it. Until the next time at least.

Crap voice acting
"Sure hope this is not Chris' blood..." It's funny now, but Resident Evil's voice acting was atrocious. And it's not the only culprit. If Uncharted: Drake's Fortune can get it right, then what excuse is there for others? None, that's what. And the worst part is when you can tell an actor is reading a script with no idea what context the line is in.

Celebrity game designers
Because anyone whose ego gets in the way of us seeing a game is just an obstacle, not a USP.