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20 Worst SF & Fantasy Films Of The Decade

We asked readers to vote for the SF and fantasy movie dregs of the past 10 years. And here are the results…

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20 The Spirit

Comic strip writer/artist Frank Miller directed this garish and ghastly version of Will Eisner’s noir comic strip.

We said: "Miller may talk up his reverence for his old friend’s work, but from the pseudo-Sin City opening, all stark monochrome and snow, it’s obvious that he’s determined to stamp, no, jackboot, his vision on this project. It’s the same creative presumption that sees him bin the hero’s immortal blue suit for a black number, a sin against iconhood as daft as dressing Superman in mauve."

You said:
"For which atrocity the testicles of Frank Miller must be broiled in a tub of Deep Heat for all eternity...while the immortal soul of Will Eisner smacks him repeatedly on the forehead with a rolled up copy of the Greater New York telephone directory." Happy-Hangman

Saving grace: It may have killed Frank Miller’s directing career.

19 Twilight New Moon

In the second Twilight movie doe-eyed Bella and sparkly vampire Edward once again act whole scenes without actually looking at each other. All teenage girls want, it seems, is to live for eternity with a good-looking guy, no matter than he treats them like dirt.

We said: "Despite some decent werewolves, nothing can overcome the dispiriting dullness of a central plot, hamstrung by the fact that the two central characters are so insipid. Edward leaves town when Bella says she wants to become a vampire too so they can live together for eternity. Talk about commitment issues."

You said:
"I didn't think they could make it worse than Twilight, but somehow they managed it" Ghyste

"My girlfriend forced me to take her to see this. Halfway through, dumping her on the spot seemed a viable escape tactic.” killdozer

Saving grace: The werewolves are pretty good, and Alice in Sophia Lauren mode is very cute.

18 Battlefield Earth

L Ron Hubbard’s overblown novel about humanity’s struggle against alien invaders provided the basis for a movie of unimaginable cheesy cheapness.

We said: "First the good news. There were suspicions that Battlefield Earth would be an extended recruitment drive for Scientology. It is, after all, based on a book by L Ron Hubbard, the "father" of Scientology, and was the pet project of John Travolta, one of Hollywood’s highest profile Scientology advocates.
"It isn't.
"Then again, maybe it is. You wouldn't be able to tell. It fails so miserably on every other level as a film, there's no reason not to assume that fails as a propaganda exercise as well."

You said:
"A crap movie based on a crap novel written by a crap author who wrote a crap self-help book that he cynically used to found a religion. You couldn't make this crap up." Theshadowalker

"Battlefield Earth can be a good laugh, John Travolta and Forrest Whitaker dressed up as giant jack booted dreadlocked aliens, cackling away, with Travolta using the term 'rat-breath' all the time when addressing the hero" david icke

Saving grace: Pass.

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