UberSoldier marches on

We've got the latest shots of publisher CDV's upcoming FPS, UberSoldier, which shows off the game's fancy physics engine.

Apparently it uses an "Independent Physical Object Apparatus, so that all objects have their own independent physical existence", which we guess means that it looks really cool when you blow things up.

The UberSoldier in question is Karl Stolz, a German officer who died during WWII, only to be brought back to life by Nazi scientists, to become an UberSoldier – a genetically modified super-trooper.

But the process hasn't produced a braindead killing machine under control of his creators, as now Stolz wants revenge on the people who have turned him into a monster.

The game includes 16 different authentic WWII weapons, which should help with the Third Reich slaying that's spread over 16 levels