Two Worlds

You start Two Worlds as a veteran bounty hunter in search of a missing sister. But this is an RPG, so it doesn’t take long until you’re caught up in an ancient war. A mysterious temple dedicated to an unknown god was recently dug up, and now orcs are pouring out of the southern wastelands. They think it’s the tomb of their long-vanquished god, and we don’t need to tell you who’s key to unlocking that mystery.

But beyond that basic storyline, Two Worlds should be anything but linear. You start the single-player game as a human and choose an initial archetype like warrior, ranger or mage. Where you go from there is completely up to you.

As you gain levels, you distribute points among different attributes and mold your character anyway you see fit. With another set of points, you develop skills like horseback riding, advancing from basic trotting to mounted combat.