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Twisted Metal vehicles and weapons guide

Roadkill is a pretty underwhelming vehicle. It’s only average in the speed department, and below average when it comes to armor. Given that, we’d expect the special weapons to be better than normal - but they aren’t. Yes, the mines can be useful, but the ridiculousness that is this vehicle’s alt special negates any positives we noticed in this car.

Speed: 3

Armor: 2

Special: 3

Special: Chain Gun (55 max)

Fully charge the weapon for a steady stream of bullets.

Special 2: 4 Mines (25 max)

Press down on the d-pad to arm the mines, then press down again to let them go. These mines deal a lot of damage and blow your enemy off the ground.

Alt Special: Blood Missiles + Chain Gun (97 max)

Here we have one of the trickier specials. Hold R2 until the meter gets into the red, then release and quickly hold R2 again. Once the second meter reaches red, release and hold R2 a third time until fully charged. The result is missiles + bullets. As cool as it sounds, the amount of effort required compared to the damage output makes this special quite unattractive.

It might be one of the most reliable and solid cars to drive in the game, but Death Warrant is seriously lacking in the special weapons department.

Speed: 3

Armor: 3

Special: 2

Special: Chaingun (33 max)

A weak offering, though the bullets track fairly well.

Alt Special: Zoomy Rockets (64 max)

Adds rockets to the standard chaingun fire. Hold R2 until the charge meter hits red, then let go and quickly hold again to charge the rockets.

The Warthog will be unlocked if you get gold medals in every story mode mission on Twisted difficulty. Its tank treads should give you an idea of how it should be used.

Speed: 2

Armor: 4

Special: 3

Special: Warthog Crush

Press R2 to raise the vehicle’s front end. While in this state, any enemy caught under you will be severely damaged. You’ll deal bonus damage to each successive vehicle you hit until the special runs out.

Alt Special: Shockwave

A simple yet damaging wide-radius blast.