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Twisted Metal vehicles and weapons guide

The Outlaw is one of the most well-rounded vehicles. Decent defense, good maneuverability, and turrets that automatically track targets also make it a fantastic choice for beginners.

Speed: 2

Armor: 3

Special: 3

Special: Turret with Grenades (47 max)

Pressing R2 will prompt the auto-locking gunner to fire continuously until the special runs out. If you repeatedly press R2 during this time, he/she will also launch grenades. Really, there’s no reason not to mash R2 for the duration the turret is firing. Pressing R3 changes targets. Press down on the d-pad to fire behind you.

Alt Special: Turret with Rockets (70 max)

This works just like the primary special, only it cannot be fired behind you.

The Junkyard Dog is really only useful during team matches, where its alt special is a health taxi. In non-team games, the health taxi turns into an underwhelming weapon.

Speed: 2

Armor: 4

Special: 3

Special: Taxi Toss (35 max)

Press R2 once to spawn a dragging taxi behind your vehicle. Press R2 again to launch the taxi forward. You can also launch it backwards by pressing down on the d-pad. You can deal a small amount of damage to enemies by dragging the taxi into them, but this is hardly a useful tactic.

Alt Special (team game): Health Taxi

In any team-based game, you can drop a health taxi for your friends to pick up.

Alt Special (non-team game): Shockwave Taxi (20, 60 stage 2)

This turns your taxi into a remote bomb (R2 to detonate) with a very wide radius. If you let it sit until it reaches stage 2, the damage output increases. It may not seem like a lot, but you can catch multiple vehicles in the blast. Beware that you can damage yourself as well, and if you hit an enemy directly with your taxi toss, the bomb will automatically detonate. As such, don’t forget that you can set it down behind you by pressing down on the d-pad.

The Juggernaut is a massive, hulking semi truck that is extremely slow, but its turbo boost ram can deal a whopping 100 damage. However, the only time this truck truly shines is during team games, when teammates can drive inside your cab and take control of the extremely powerful rocket turrets. The Juggernaut’s driver can only control its mines, making the vehicle nearly useless for solo missions.

Speed: 1

Armor: 5

Special: 3

Special: 8 Mines (25 max each)

Press R2 once to deploy the mines, then again to launch them forward. Press down on the d-pad to drop them behind you. Given how slow Juggernaut is, this is a fantastic weapon for shaking off pursuers.