Twisted Metal Black Cheats

Twisted Metal Black Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Marco Regalado

    How to Kick Warhawk's Ass

    Warhawks Rooftop

    when fighting Warhawk look for a truck.When you find it explode it under Warhawk.That will destroy Warhawk's shield. From there you can easily destroy Warhawk with some missiles. Make the truck chases you so you can lead him under Warhawk}

  • PS2 | Submitted by Unknown

    Cool Stuff to Do

    Blow up blimp-Use homing missiles (A new one always takes its place)
    Got someone who was really pissing you off?-When you finally kill'em, you can continuously blow them up. Keep throwing gas cans and blowing up the burning body. As long as you keep blowing, the body won't dissolve.
    Second movie screen-In the Drive-In Movie level, look up at the sky and you'll see a faint image of your screen (don't try blowing it up, I did)
    A safe hiding place-While technically your enemies always know where you are, I've found a place where your enemies can't get to you. In the Asylum level, go to the right side of the ship where you unlock Black/Manslaughter, go into the room where you unlock him. Now blow up the ramp with a gas can. Now, you can wait until 1 vehicle is left. It should be quite damaged. Now you can easily kill him/her(NOTE: the Cage/Warthog building won't work, it's good for a breather but the others can still get in)

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jonas Mohican

    Win Skyscraper Level!

    In the Skyscraper level, there is a lower ledge on the outside edge of the church where you will find an electrical fence. If you wait there for the enemies to come to you, the majority of them will end up jumping off to their deaths before they reach you. Just sit there and watch as the cars fall off. Piece of cake.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Dollface

    Knock Over Movie Screen

    Go to the Drive-in movie level and go up to the movie screen, get a gas can and go back away pretty far. Hurl the gas can at the movie screen and it will fall over.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Dollface


    When you get to the Abandoned Skyscraper level. When you get into it there should be a big building with a red light in the top across the gap. You should have Darkside (the semi) use his special to get across the gap onto the roof of the church, you will go through the roof.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Dollface

    Go Over Drawbridge

    Go to the prison level. After the boat docks, go to the outside of the ship and you will see a drawbridge sticking up in the air from the boat going through. Go over to it and there will be a control shack to your left. Smash it in the most brutal way possible. It will show all the control stuff and then the bridge will close and let you across.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Sweettooth

    Unlock Prison

    Go to the Suburbs level in Story Mode then go to the Ferris wheel and go off the hill onto the building, once there jump onto the building to your left and then the next after that. You have to jump from that building to the one across it by the ocean and blow up the things up there and get the little box.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Khristopher Dedeaux

    Power Plant level

    On the Snowy Roads level go to the town area and go beyond the barriers there will be a black cube on the edge of the cliff go in it and then you can play deathmatch in the power plant.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Big D

    Blow buildings up in downtown level

    When in downtown go to the middle of the level where the river flows on one side u should see a chemical plant that has these big ball things, shoot them and they will roll off, make sure there are no cars or enemies in the way or they will blow up before they hit the buildings, then when the building goes down there will be three health under one building and three power under the other.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ricky-Jersey City-T.S.P. 4 Life

    Ferris Wheel

    Go to the suburbs world. Then go to the carnival area. Destroy the stand that the ferris wheel is on and watch it roll down the streets and destroy houses.
    (This code isn't really a cheat it's just to have fun)

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ja


    Go to the world called Highway Loop.
    Go to the bridge that's a little opened, that you can launch off of. There's these sphere things on the other side of the guardrail there. Use the gas can and blow them up. One will start to roll away and over the bridge. DO NOT let anything hit it or it will blow up, you need it to hit the wall of the tunnel, it will make a hole, go get the cube.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ja


    Go to the world called Warhawk's Rooftop.
    This one's will cost you a life too. It's also the easiest one to get too. Go into helicopter view and go to the edge of the building facing the building where the tankers came from. You'll see the cube floating there. Drive off and get it. You may need to jump if you're a slow car.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ja


    Go to the world called Skyscrapers.
    This one's going to cost you a life. Go to the helipad and blow up the giant billboard and drive across it. About halfway across go into the helicopter view. You'll see the cube between the 2 buildings. Drive off and get it on the way down.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Josh Bitler

    Electric Chair

    In the prison level, go to the front of the boat. You should see 3 people sitting in electric chairs on a stage. There should be a small box in front of the stage, destroy it and watch them get fryed.

Twisted Metal Black Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by Jesse Allegretto

    Energy Attacks

    Freeze Attack: up, down, up
    lay mine: right, left , down
    invisibility: left, left, down, down
    shield: right, right, down, down
    Jump:Cycle weapons left button + Cycle weapons right button (simultaneously)
    rear fire weapon: left, right, down + fire button (does not need energy)
    Use codes while playing the game NOTE:Codes only work if you have energy!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ja

    One Hit Kills

    During Gameplay hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then rapidly press X(2) Up. If you entered the code correctly a message will appear to disable code enter it again.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Smily

    Mega Machine guns

    During Gameplay hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then rapidly press X(2) Triangle, If you entered the code correctly a message will appear to disable code enter it again.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Smily

    Infinite Weapons

    During Gameplay hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then rapidly press up, X, Left, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear. Repeat code to disable

  • PS2 | Submitted by Smily

    Alternate weapon view

    During Gameplay press Select + Right

  • PS2 | Submitted by Smily

    Exchange weapons for health

    During Gameplay hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then rapidly press triangle, X, Square, Circle if you entered the code correctly the words "Weapon For Health" Will appear on the screen

  • PS2 | Submitted by Smily

    Infinite health and turbo

    During Gameplay, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 then rapidly press right, left, down, up if you entered the code correctly, the words "Invulnerability On" will appear. Enter the code again to disable it

  • PS2 | Submitted by Shawner 97

    Shot Freeze

    On your control press up, down, up at any time.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Joel

    Minion's special

    Minion's Special Hold the top buttons and press right, left, up.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Bud

    Invincibility + Infinite Turbo

    To get invincibility hold down L1,L2,R1,R2 and push the following: Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up and you should be able to get hit without decreasing your life.

  • PS2 | Submitted by ZeroEnder

    Unlock Secret Characters

    Yellow Jacket - blow up the plane with a fire missle in the Junkyard level. Find the crash site and go into the plane, you will find this area inside the plane that has this computer panel. Destroy it to get Yellow Jacket
    Warthog - go to the carnival area. Look around. In the hills area, look for a gas can pickup. Destroy the buildings in the area. Look for a homing missle. From the homing missle pick up, look for that hill, and run towards it and the hill will act like a ramp. Brake as soon as your in the air. You will land on a building. Destroy the smaller building and go in the hole it makes. You'll find a small control panel. Destroy it to claim Warthog.
    Axel - In the Freeway level, look for the repair station. In that area, look around and you'll find two cranes. One holds a pipe, the other, a cage like item. The cage crane has a yellow cage like box on the left side. To get axel, destroy the yellow box. Aim for the box on the hill with a fire missle. Move around. If you don't make it in one place, aim for the box in another place on the hill. This is tough, aiming for the box is hard, and with cars pounding you from all sides, it's even tougher. I got the shot in fromt the left area of the hill.
    ManSlaughter - In the Prison level, after you land on the island, look at the docking area. You whould find a healt pickup somewhere near a bunch of crates. Destroy one of the crates to reveal a ramp. Go up the ramp and get the health. Part of the ship will be near the crates. Fire at that part of the ship. It will reveal a hole. Shoot the lever to reveal Manslaughter.
    Minion - Beat the game with everybody.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Dave Kinsman

    Axel and Raven's 2nd special.

    To do the second special of Axel and Raven, highlight your special and press up(3)
    Axel will pull his giant wheel's and make himself protected.
    Raven will pop out of the top of her car with a large machine gun.

Twisted Metal Black Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Draconis Satan


    To unlock the Powerplant, when you are on the Snowy Roads level in story mode, go to where the lift is, then go up the mountain across from it near where you would fall off, and near the highest point you can reach there will be the powerplant powerup just right where your about ready to fall off of edge.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Minions Stadium

    On the downtown level, go to the towers connected by a bridge. Blow up the side of one of the towers and there will be an elevator inside. take it up and then drop to the side which is a lower walk way. Follow it and you will find a "Black Cube" which will unlock Minions stadium.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Brandon Melton


    In the junkyard level, drive onto the broken road and face the giant green man hanging from the crane. Once there destroy the giant green man and a piece of him will land near the giant crusher, use it to jump onto the crusher and ride it to the top and crash through the building there. Now turn around and there is a cube looking thing to the left floating in mid air, drive through it and you have unlocked Warhawk.