Tweets Of The Week

Restless Twitterer Simon Pegg made headlines this week when he jumped the official gun and informed everyone that David Tennant had had to jump ship from his co-starring role with Pegg in John Landis' Burke And Hare. "David Tennant had to drop out of B&H," he Twittered, "but by sheer glorious serendipity a legend of Middle Earth and Skull Island has come aboard. Welcome AS."

That's Andy Serkis, everyone, in case you were having trouble working it out. That Twitter was swiftly soon deleted, and news reports were soon adding that another Twitter had been taken down that suggested David Tennant had been cast as Bilbo in the forthcoming Hobbit. But only one person claimed to have seen that post, so we'll chinny reckon that one. Pegg himself seemed to have picked up on the story though. "I can officially confirm I am not in the running for Bilbo Baggins," he wrote this week, "but I am down to the last 3 for Dildo Shaggins in the porno remake. Yip!"

Across the pond, the-man-who-will-never-die Stan Lee is to get a guest slot on the Big Bang Theory. "I keep telling the cast of the BBT not to worry. After all, I know how scary it must be to share the limelight with a thespian like me!" An hour later he was at it again: "I just don't understand why I only have 13 lines to say. In real life, it takes me longer than that just to introduce myself!" Minutes later: "Since I'll reach the height of stardom with the BBT, what new challenges await me? Hey-- 'Stan Lee, Rock Star' Has a ring to it, right?" And again minutes later: "I'm not yet sure when the Stan Lee episode (as I like to call it) of the BBT will be aired. But when I know, I'll tout it like crazy to you!" Yes, Stan, we believe you...

Lost man Damon Lindelof was left slightly miffed this week after satirical website The Onion posted a news story with the title "Final Season Of Lost Promises To Make Lost Fans More Annoying Than Ever." "For the record, if Lost fans are annoying, then there is nothing more in the world that I love more than being ANNOYED. God bless you guys." Bless. He also posted a link to a Lost/24 mash-up with the simple word: "Wow."

Finally, Philip Glenister lost out again to David Tennant at the National TV Awards. Ashes to Ashes' writer Matthew Graham Twittered, "Watched NTA - Phil clapping through gritted teeth as David T makes yet another acceptance speech. Nice suit though Dave!"

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