Tweets Of The Week

Geek shock of the week was Sony announced it was rebooting the Spider-Man franchise. Smilin' Stan Lee, as one of Twitter's most itchy doodlers, couldn't keep his typing hand still: "Marvel knows what makes a great Spidey film," he Tweeted. "If something isn't right, they're courageous enuff to dump it and start over. That takes guts."

But that wasn't all. "No way Marvel & Sony'll hurt Spidey's great franchise! Sam and Toby are the greatest - and Sony & Marvel picked 'em. Now they'll do it again!" he reassured us.

And then: "Of course, after all the encouraging things I've said, if they don't give me a big role in Spider-Man 4, there ain't no justice! Excelsior!"

And Wil Wheaton, Twitter's fanboy-in-chief, piped in with, "Sorry to get all comic book geek, but isn't a Spiderman movie 'reboot' actually a retcon?" before adding, "Oh. Spider HYPHEN Man. My bad. Well, I guess you know what comic book I didn't read that much, now." Yes, you lose from geek points for that one, Crusher-boy. (And maybe Stan missed "e" out of Tobey to stay within his 144 character limit.)

Last week saw the shooting of Ashes To Ashes' final episode. You know, the one where we finally find out who the bejeezus Gene Hunt really is. "Watching Ep 7 and 8 unfold it really feels like the characters are entering their end-game. Thrilling from this side. Hope you will concur," Twittered Ashes mainman Matthew Graham, while star Dean Andrews (he be Ray) posted this: "The gang and the director David Drury sharing a joke - " in order to titillate us. The slag!

While Sony was busy compiling wish-lists for the new Spider-Man, Thor went before the cameras this week, as Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau told us: "Congrats to Kenneth and the Thor gang o. first day of photography," he Twittered. "I will def excercise 'executive privilege' and hang out on their set." The next day, after doing just that, he wrote, "Visited the Thor set. I would look cool in one of those costumes."

Meanwhile, Stan the Man was asked about his Thor cameo, but couldn't confirm what it was yet: "I can't describe my cameo in Thor for you because director Ken Branagh hasn't clued me in yet. But he grinned and said it'll be real cool!"

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