Tweets Of The Week

As 2010 bedded in the Twittersphere went into a Doctor Who frenzy as a tearful David Tennant gave way to the generously chinned Matt Smith.
Paul Cornell, Doctor Who veteran of three episodes of RTD-era Who simply posted, "Awesome. Thank you, Russell" (and you can't accuse him of sucking up now RTD's gone!). Elsewhere on Twitter, Ultimates doodler and former Doctor Who concept artist Bryan Hitch lamented the destruction of a proud creation of his: "Not quite sure I enjoyed Dr Who last night but certainly David T gave a huge and wonderful performance. Sad to see my TARDIS set go." He added later, "I also designed Spock's ship (amongst other things) in the Trek movie. That blew up too. I'm sensing a trend..."

"The bit that got me - the words 'I don't want to go...' End of an era." enthused former Who writer and Ashes To Ashes man Matthew Graham, before adding, "Matt Smith will be just right for a new generation of kids. My daughter's already liking him."

Graham also Twittered, possibly as a joke, that he was developing a new series for BBC Three, "I'm doing the Blake's 7 comedy spin-off for BBC3 - Are You Being Servalaned?" Chatting via Twitter to his fellow Who and Life On Mars mate Chris Chibnall he let out some other snippets of news about this exciting new project: "I may write a hippy version called Zen And The Art Of Liberator Maintenance" and then, "The Who are putting in a theme tune challenge with Talkin' 'Bout My Federation". Don't watch this space for more news.

If any of you were alarmed at the lack of Parkman in this week's Heroes in the US, Greg Grunberg Twittered, "No Parkman on Heroes last night! What gives? Oh yeah, that's me... big comeback next week. BIG!!" Oh, Greg, you'd better not be teasing us. He also jumped on the Avatar bandwagon, about four weeks after everybody else: "Off to see a little indie film called Avatar? Heard it was pretty cool. Ever hear of it? I'll let you know how it is..."

Brent Spiner celebrated the new year by congratulating his former Star Trek colleague Patrick Stewart on becoming a knight of the British Realm. "Hip hip hooray! Congratulations to my friend, Patrick Stewart. I cant believe he's being made King of England!" Later, he added, "Guess I wasn't completely correct about Patrick. Apparently he'll be King of Scotland, Wales and North Ireland, as well." And before too long, we got, "Wait, you mean he's not going to be K... oh. Well, a Knight is good too, right? Hooray for Sir Patrick! He still lives with the Queen, right?" Oh, Brent, you wag!

Finally, someone asked Simon Pegg on his Twitter how many Star Trek movies he was willing to make. The answer? "400 but no more!" Thank God for that.

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